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What is "mindful hope"?

Mindfulness is a lot of things but at it's most basic core it could be described as a psychological process that is developed (through practice) in which one's attention is focused on the present moment.  In mindfulness based cognitive therapy the goal is to accept our present without attaching or reacting to it.

Hope has at its core positive expectation (future) and a desire for a certain thing to happen.  It's a mindset.

Mindful Hope therefore may sound contradictory, it suggests being content in the present while having expectation for the future.  However, I propose that our ability to be mindful is inextricably connected to our level of hope.

Be mindful.  Accept the present.
Have hope for the future.

be mindful have hope tell your story
Devastating to hear about the #Langley shootings this morning.

Not sure what to think rn.
Let’s add 10,000 treatment beds tomorrow (BC). Say we fill them all. I suspect toxic drug poisonings will drop somewhat over the next 30-90 days. BUT these are not prevented deaths… mostly just deferred.
Improving access to treatment, and recovery resources (more beds) will have ZERO impact on overdose fatalities.
So every time you hear a govt. official talking about more beds, be aware - they are MANIPULATING you to think they are doing something about this crisis. They are not.
Hey @BenTDooley can you remind @jodyvance it’s a toxic drug poisoning crisis or overdose crisis. We don’t say “opioid crisis” anymore since it’s inaccurate.