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What is "mindful hope"?

Mindfulness is a lot of things but at it's most basic core it could be described as a psychological process that is developed (through practice) in which one's attention is focused on the present moment.  In mindfulness based cognitive therapy the goal is to accept our present without attaching or reacting to it.

Hope has at its core positive expectation (future) and a desire for a certain thing to happen.  It's a mindset.

Mindful Hope therefore may sound contradictory, it suggests being content in the present while having expectation for the future.  However, I propose that our ability to be mindful is inextricably connected to our level of hope.

Be mindful.  Accept the present.
Have hope for the future.

be mindful have hope tell your story

While I'm sure the headline came from an editor @asoundreaction the CORRECT headline for this story should be "police join a growing trend of offering PEOPLE with addictions an option: treatment over jail" #PeopleFirst #ChangingTheNarrative

I know I am here because there of those select few who believed in me, never gave up on me, and always chose to see my potential & remind me of it. While my behaviour impeded that view often, they did not allow my behaviour to be the whole story. #RecoveryPosse #recovery

Nooooo! @joerogan adding to the hysteria and spreading myths about fentanyl being absorbed through the skin. Police overdosing from touching OD victims. Why Joe, why? 43:10 in his podcast with Roseanne. Joe you really need to get an expert in on this stuff.