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Mindful Hope shares unique articles that will inspire and hopefully provoke you to action. Daniel’s heart is to bridge the gap between harm reduction & recovery.  “I recognize I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for harm reduction & people loving me where I was at during my years in addiction, nor would I be here if those same loved ones didn’t see potential in me and gently push me to a better life.”

Daniel recognizes addiction as a learned behavior and recovery is a journey.  Through this site he visits issues such as drug policy, substance use,  and the ongoing overdose crisis by considering evidence based approaches, spirituality, & more.

Who’s behind Mindful Hope?Daniel Snyder

I’ve been there…

For me personally my journey is one of lived experience. My broken past features nearly 15 years of heroin addiction and multiple trips in and out of detoxes and treatment centres. Repeated relapses and the discouragement and hopelessness that comes with them are a part of my story.  I eventually discovered relapse was something that can be learned from rather than a shameful failure.

I believe no one struggling with addiction is beyond helping and that as long as we can inspire hope there is an opportunity for a bright future.

I’m passionate about sharing my story, helping individuals, advocating for changes in drug policy, and assisting in the progress and process of reducing the stigma around substance use.

I hope to see the overdose crisis resolved through outside the box thinking, changes in drug policy and resource allocation, cutting edge evidence based recovery approaches, harm reduction, and through genuine kindness and compassion.

I hope to see an end to the war on drugs.

Everyone has a story…

If we start looking at individuals, instead of trying to blanket the overdose crisis with ‘policy solutions based on stats’ we will discover millions of people, with millions of stories, needing millions of different approaches to treatment, harm reduction and addiction recovery.

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